Jewellery & Museum Lighting


Shooty is a track projector designed to meet the most demanding requests regarding the control of the light beam, the degree of glare and the quality of the light.

Thanks to a very wide range of accessories and reflectors it is possible to obtain 18 different emission angles. The degree of glare UGR is very low and, depending on the model, starts from a UGR 19 and goes up to a UGR 13.

Shooty in the standard version has a very high color rendering led CRI97 perfect for any type of application. As a plus we offer the version with SUNLIKE technology that recreates the spectrum of sunlight without the peak of blue light. For more information on SUNLIKE technology click here.

Shooty is a track projector in die-cast aluminum powder coated available in matt black or matt white.

The power supply fits into the track and we offer the ON / OFF version, dimmable DALI or dimmable with integrated CASAMBI.