Arc Light Welcome TELL THE FULL STORY WITH LIGHTING Museum Lighting Increase Productivity Reduce Energy Costs

Vivid Colour and Sparkle

Jewellery Display Lighting

Creating a certain level of sparkle with display LED lighting is as important as ever. Arc Light create LED lighting solutions that really illuminate every detail.

Subtle but effective

Museum Display Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of the storytelling process of museums. Understanding the exhibition design concept is essential to creating the perfect lighting design for Museums.

Enhance your products

Retail Lighting

Retail lighting plays a very important role in every successful shopping experience. Light helps define overall store image, highlights products and helps make them more visible.


Specialist lighting systems for high end fashion stores and jewellery retail projects.


Lighting provides guidance, the desire to purchase products and increase sales.


Understanding exhibition design concepts, creates the perfect lighting design for Museums.


Office lighting can improve mood, productivity and is a workplace necessity.

“Lighting is an essential component in designing architectural spaces, defining how the space will be used and experienced by the people within it.”

Our Services


Free no obligation consultation. Advice on the most appropriate luminaire for a given application.


Using the latest lighting design software from Dialux and Relux to provide accurate calculations and layouts for all projects.


Providing free energy consumption audits to our clients in the retail ,commercial and Industrial sector.


Installation service available from our experienced fit-out teams throughout Ireland.

Lighting Control

Reducing energy consumption and operational costs further by using the latest lighting control systems in conjunction with the most energy efficient lighting available.


Arc Light carry out the complete retrofit/ re-lamping installation using our own experienced and fully qualified electricians. Installation is swift and efficient as there is no requirement to change existing wiring or serviceable fittings.


Specifying luminaires from the extensive range of European manufacturers that Arc Light represents in Ireland.

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About Us

Arc Light specialises in the supply of customised lighting products and solutions for Fine Jewellery, Museums, Retail and Commercial projects. The use of the latest generation of materials and the constant search for ever more efficient solutions allows us to provide a wide range of products that meet multiple lighting and aesthetic needs. We work closely with architects, lighting designers, engineers and interior designers around the globe to co-create engaging lighting solutions and the most vibrant spaces. Our team will help you define your project’s specific requirements and provide the best solution for your needs.  Our operations team will ensure that your order is accurately  processed for production and delivered on time.

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