Museum Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of the storytelling process of museums. Understanding the exhibition design concept is essential to creating the perfect lighting design for Museums.

Showcase The Product

The clear objective of the ideal retail lighting is to showcase the product to its best advantage, both by highlighting its physical shape and by creating an atmosphere around the product, always with a view to promoting sales of the product.

Lighting Spectrum

Do you want your gemstones to pop with vivid colour & sparkle like stars in your jewellery display cases? The secret is in the type of jewellery display lighting you are using and in the colour spectrum of the bulbs. You need to use a combination of warm & cool spectrum LED. Most lighting for a jewellery display will make your diamonds flash but will mute your colour intensity. This is because they don’t combine a warm & cool spectrum correctly or they only use a warm or only use a cool spectrum. Arc Light provides solutions to overcome these problems using high quality, sun balanced, LED bulbs to render vibrant colours and give tons of sparkle to your jewellery display cases.


The lighting solution needs to be tailored to each area so as to create the perfect setting for the user, whilst not using any more energy than is absolutely necessary

Museum Lighting Range